Christmas to be

understanding or better yet assuming that the previous passages on christmas have been read i will forego the introduction of what christmas is normally like for myself. the next and final part of this little series is Christmas to Be. 

Next year at this time i will be married and living under my own roof. with my wife. starting my own family traditions. no more sleeping on the same room with the siblings on christmas eve. no more getting in the car and traveling with my parents to see the grandparents. no more pulling my stocking off the chimney in between my mother and brothers. no more. 

this time next year i will have had my first christmas as a husband. this concept is a little overwhelming to me. i will be sleeping in the same room as my wife on christmas eve. i will be traveling with my wife to visit our grandparents and parents. i will be pulling my stocking down from the chimney as it hang beside my wifes. 

all of these thoughts are a little overwhelming but extremely exciting. I know not what to expect but i do know that i look forward to it. i know this was short but this was my thought on christmas to be.