jaguars in review

i know what you are thinking right now. why are you reading anything on the sweet team known as the jacksonville jaguars. how do you think i am feeling? i am the one writing this for some reason. the jaguars entered the season with the hope of a super bowl championship. the expectations did not seem unrealistic following the 2007 season that ended when dennis friggin northcutt dropped a touchdown late in the game against the then undefeated patriots. but that was then this is now.

i would like to start with the preface that i love the jaguars through and through but this year has been the toughest. if i come across as harsh or overly critical i will be glad to get that across. the jaguars season was off to a horrible start when offensive lineman richard collier was shot and hospitalized. not only was this tragic for the obvious reason of it changing this mans life but it also meant that 2007 Left Tackle would continue starting. i will not mention his name. it dare not leave my lips. then in first game of the year the jaguars lose two guards for the season. needless to say they were desimated at the offensive line. 

however, the most disturbing trend of the 2008 season was the lack of “clutchness” by the team. too many games were lost because the team could not come up with just a play or two to win a game or put a team away on defense. week in week out either the offense or defense failed the team. there were no games where the jaguars looked anything close to 2007. overall the jaguars as well as their fans are ready to turn the page to 2009. 

a few positives are in order after negative comments. maurice jones drew is superman. the more he touched the ball the stronger he seemed to get. his 15+ TD season will be strong momentum heading into 2009. on the defensive side there are two players who deserve credit. derrick harvey and gerald sensabaugh. i understand that derrick harvey did not tear the opponents offensive line apart but he did lead the team in QB hurries and pressures. as he got more playing time he seemed to gain confidence and play stronger. Gerald Sensabaugh has earned himself a starting role at safety with Reggie “cant cover a soul” Nelson needing to be moved to corner or the bench. Sensabaugh has 4+ INTs and a leader in tackles. 

overall the 2008 season has been nothing less than a failure/ dissapointment/ suckfest. look for 2009 to be much improved. the talent is there to contend and if a few changes are made along the offensive line and defensive line the jaguars should be back. heres to 2009!!!!