is it not ironic….

today is monday. nothing ironic about that i know. however, monday is martin luther king day. i love martin luther king day. not because i used to recieve a day off from school. because of what that man accomplished and how he accomplished things. peace marches to raise awareness. speeches and sermons of love, perseverance and forgiveness. that is an often forgotten fact of Dr. King, he was a minister. he was the definition of a minister. and on monday we should actually take time to remember him and thank God for a man like him who made our world and our society a better place. then tuesday comes. it always follows monday. its science. and on this tuesday the twentieth of january President-elect Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th president of the United States. a man of color. a revolutionary. and like Dr. King he has faced difficult people and circumstances. i live in the south trust me i know that what martin luther king started has not come to fruition. understand that i too have not always been supportive of President elect Obama. i will even go as far as saying that i voted for McCain. However, i am excited about this day to come. It is a new era. its history in the making. it is a sign that things have come along way in the last 50 years. there is still work to be done. but when tuesday morning arrives i will watch the Oath of office take place and i will be smiling and praying. no matter what we as christians need to lift our future president up in prayers. our country does not need division especially with christians leading the charge. i am not saying christians are doing so but i have heard enough to let me know we are not handling this like we should. so on tuesday morning i challenge you to wake up and lift this country and its president in prayer. cover them in prayer. after all we do live in the best country in the modern world.