what a game

controversy has once again reared its ugly head. as i was watching the game it became very obvious that the Cardinals were getting tagged for many questionable calls. A team that averaged around 40 yards a game in penalties all of a sudden hits well over the century mark. Three personal fouls are called on one drive alone. now understand that i am not a Cardinals “fan” but i was rooting for them over one of my least favorite teams. i was getting rather diturbed by the amount of calls. however, it is the two calls that they did not call that have me more upset than anything. Santonio Holmes makes the catch of his life which i will give him credit for but with alot of luck seeing as how he let the previous thow go right through his hands. After his touchdown he decides to pull a Lebron James and act like hes pouring powder out of the football and throw it into the air. Right then the whistle should have blown and laundry chould have littered the air. “Personal foul #10, unsportsmanlike conduct for using the football as a prop in a celebration.” I hate that rule but they have been calling players for less than that all year. Then the “fumble”. After seeing this play over and over i am convinced that the ball was not fumbled but should have been ruled an incomplete pass. My question is why did the officials not review this call? they had already had four reviews throughout the game and they missed the most important one. Its the last play of the game and they never even took another look to make sure they got it right. I am not saying they robbed Arizona of a championship but they definitely robbed them of the opportunity at the end. 

Overall, the game turned out to be one of the best games ever. Had the Giants not won the previous year the way they did this Super bowl might have been the best finish. My hate for the steelers continues. I can only pray that the Jaguars get better and crush all opponents who stand in their way next season.