“Love” of the Unknown

It takes little to no effort to gain some type of surface level knowledge on any given subject. I have the ability to discuss professional tennis for about 3-5 minutes and then I find myself reciting the words “Pete Sampras was really hairy”. Perhaps no other invention has allowed us to be content with this surface level knowledge or awareness like that of “Twitter”. 140 characters on issues all over the world. I choose how involved in the story I become. It really is a wonderful thing. I shape my understanding of the world.

I believe it can be said that the church has severely crippled herself due to the surface level knowledge of Jesus Christ she possesses. Paul discusses the knowledge of Christ as the “surpassing value” in comparison with all else that life has to offer. Philippians allows us to see Paul referencing all else as “rubbish”. Yet, Paul is not talking about the knowledge of Christ that was made known to him on the Damascus road. He states that it is his “goal to know Him”. It is present and future not limited to the past.

Yesterday, my pastor was found saying “Never leave Jesus on the cross. Always bring him from the grave.” The cross of Calvary is an obviously huge part in the Christian story but it is not the end. The same should perhaps be said for the Christian today. Our story does not stop at the cross. We should be careful not to leave our knowledge of Christ at the cross for our story does not stop there. It is not in the past. We press on towards what lies ahead. We pick up our cross daily. We desire daily to grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Men and women all around us profess a knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ. Yet, the more I wrestle with my faith and seek his face, I find myself more unable to claim that full understanding. As S.M. Lockridge says after 4 minutes of intense description of Jesus, “I wish I could Describe him to you…”. The growing Christian is one who is not content with leaving their knowledge on the surface but instead seeks nothing more from life than to continue growing in the knowledge of Christ. Perhaps this is the remedy for an ailing church. The remedy for an ailing follower. To desire today and everyday, a further knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.  


another day another story

there has been a feeling of content in my life lately. sure many people would see this as a good thing. in fact, i am not convinced it is a bad thing but i have grown tired of the feeling. i have had many good things take place recently. Things such as family vacations, bachelor parties, upcoming trips to Washington DC and oh yea my own wedding. Life is good.

I have a program malfunction. God made a mistake in the whole “creation of Ryan” thing that took place. I leave God out when life is good. I find myself able to end up at the end of the day without having connected with Christ. I know enough to know I am not the only one guilty of this but I often times feel this way. I read today in Philippians and found myself growing resentful towards Paul’s spirit while in prison. How he seemed so close to God no matter what his circumstances. How is that type of connection even possible? What does that look like? I feel so inadequate sometimes.

I am encouraged though. I take comfort in knowing that God still loves me no matter what. No matter how I come to God when I am in need or when I take control of everything when I feel like life is going smooth. My name should be changed to Gomer because I have no clue of the love that God has for me while I am off chasing my temporary satisfactions. Is this how walking with Christ is meant to be? Some type of tug o war?