mark 16: 9-20

in this mornings devotion mark is giving an account of Jesus revealing himself in His resurrected form. many people witness Jesus resurrected before the disciples had seen and yet the disciples still did not believe. when Jesus finally reveals himself to His disciples he tells them to go out into the world and told them how the world would know that they were His followers. 

i read the list that Jesus gave the disciples, when he described the things that the world would see them do to let them know that they were His followers, and laughed. the thought that this was actually what Christ expected of His followers was ridiculous to me. i walked away from my devotion time slightly confused. i have given the passage some thought as my day has progressed and came to this conclusion. these great and miraculous acts are the things that we as Christians are capable of doing through Christ. i do not believe that if you have never cast out a demon or healed the sick you are not truly a follower of Christ. i believe that it is more of an understanding of who Christ is and what He can be through you. yet, do people see anything in my life that would show that i am a follower of Christ? i am tired of finding content in the belief that if i smile at strangers they will understand i am a follower of Christ. i feel like i have been called to so much more. the church in general has been called to so much more. How will the world honestly want to be apart of following Christ if we do not show them who we serve? we have become to okay with stiff arming the world to show our differences instead of embracing the world and getting involved and letting our actions show the difference.

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