When 2 years is more than just 2 years.

This day two years ago I ate tacos. There was nothing unusually special about the tacos that Saturday evening. In fact, there was nothing too unusual about the night as a whole. My wife and I were invited to enjoy a dinner with my parents and sister. My brother had recently graduated from college and moved to Montana to work in musical theatre. I remember “Skyping” with my brother that evening. It was a rather average Saturday evening.
The evening turned into night and the sound of thunder made itself known to all of us in the house. There was a tropical depression coming through NE Florida that weekend. Charity and I decided to head home before any part of the storm began and we found ourselves driving on the roads of Jacksonville during the rain ( any driver in Jacksonville knows that as much as it rains people act like they have never driven in it before). As we were heading out of the house we began the customary farewells of hugs and “see you tomorrow”. My dad replied to my farewell with a ” You never know, you may see us later tonight!” You see, Charity was about 38 weeks pregnant with our first child. Everyone laughed at my dads’ statement because my dad is always willing to crack a joke and we thought it was exactly that, a joke. He said “you never know. The barometric pressures in the atmosphere are changing due to the storm and that might force her to go into labor.” Not only did I laugh at that idea, I thought it was completely made up and something my dad was just saying to sound smart. Turns out, he’s actually smart.
4 a.m. that night/morning and Charity screams “Ryan!” I woke with the numbing fear that we were being robbed. Instead, I realized she was waking me up because her water had broke (we would later find out that the tropical storm and rapid change in barometric pressure played a big role in this taking place). We were loaded in the car and on our way to the hospital. We were having a baby.
8lbs 11oz. Our hearts were stolen yet elated by the presence of an 8 pound baby girl. I remember holding her and all of time stood still. It’s an experience I had only previous experienced when the wedding doors opened and the most beautiful woman was wrapped in the most beautiful of moments and she began walking towards me. Time stood still. It was me and her only. There was my Camille. She wasn’t my friends nor my cousins. There was no handing her back to her parents. She was mine. I was hers.
That was two years ago tomorrow. I’m not sure how it has happened so fast. As much as time stood still when I held her for the first time, it has done everything but stand still since. She’s not a little baby. She’s a strong, independent, smart, funny, stubborn, and beautiful two year old. She’s two. She is mine. I am hers. 20140623-194126-70886348.jpg


a poem

oh sweet blue eyes

with love and grace,

take me away

from my pride and mistakes.

oh sweet tender touch

as you cling to the hand,

that longs to stay with you

to fight and to stand.

oh sweet blue eyes

with a stare drown the sorrows,

bring a promise of joy

and of better tomorrows

oh lips that speak truth

with love that changes worlds,

same lips that are loathed

for covering pearls

oh sweet blue eyes

my soul which you capture

today and tomorrow

for now and forever