on February 16, 2009 the jacksonville jaguars pulled the plug on a long time friend. Fred Taylor has been released from his duties as the long time running back of the Jacksonville Jaguars. He is currently 16th overall on the all time rushing list. He has played his entire career (11 seasons) for the Jaguars. I remember watching James Stewart hurt his knee early in the the 1997 season and seeing a young Taylor come out to the field and the rest is history. I personally am a huge Fred Taylor fan. He helped bring a national championship to the Florida Gators in 1996. There was a part of his career that seemed like he could not stay healthy and earned the nickname “fragile Fred”. I always argued on behalf of Taylor because if my groin ripped completely off my bone i too will take some time to come back and recover. And now the era of Fred Taylor has ended.

I understand that Taylor was going to take a 6 million dollar hit on the cap. I understand that the Jaguars are looking to get younger and Taylor is past the benchmark for RBs since he is 33 years old. I understand that Maurice Jones Drew is the new young stallion and Taylor is an expensive backup. So logically it makes perfect sense to release him. But i can not understand how you still make that move. After you pay a man, i will not mention this over payed WR name,  so much money for absolute no production in 2008. As well as Drayton Florence at DB who also played horrible. You refuse to pay Fred Taylor money to be a backup? Then Taylor comes out and says he offered to take a pay cut but the Jaguars refused to negotiate and were set on releasing him. This move does not make sense to me. I know that the NFL is a business and tough decisions have to be made but sometimes it seems OK to show loyalty to people. Fred Taylor should still be wearing the 28 jersey as a Jacksonville Jaguar. 


Oh and JERRY PORTER is horrible!