so this is the new year…

normally in years past i could finish that song with the proper lyrics and say that i dont feel any different. however this past year has been life changing for me. a quick review: received my AA, visited Costa Rica, oh yea and i proposed to charity. now fast forward to 2009. here is what i expect from this year

first thing is first. this is the year that i will become a married man. its an overwhelming and exciting thought. the idea of actually starting my own family is unreal. i feel like i struggle with my own little routine called life. nevertheless, i look forward to October 16th, 2009 and i know it will be here before i know it. 

another thing i expect from 2009 is to read at least 30 books. i used to consider myself a reader. but once i got to 6th grade  the books stop having illustrations. oh ryan you and your jokes. but for serious, 30 books will be read by myself. 

another thing i expect from 2009 is to watch the Gators win the national championship in just 7 days. staying with sports, the jaguars better not suck again or else i will say the same thing this time next year! 

i understand that these goals and expectations are somewhat trivial (except for that whole marrying thing). i have more goals and more expectations  but will save you the bore. i hope that everyone has a new year to remember. my biggest goal is to honestly walk in closer communion with God. i know that sounds so typical but it really is my desire. so i lift my chocolate milk to you and 2009! here here!