What’s in a name? My response.

I first want to thank Todd and Quinn for sharing their thoughts on the “issue”. The problem here is that my response will differ in no way from the two of theirs. To take offense at the phrase “Happy Holidays” is truly uncalled for and I believe not the response Christ himself would have. Honestly, I observe the holiday season unfold and wonder where Christ fits into this at all. In the Christmas Tree? The gifts? The endless amounts of money being spent? Much of what we associate with this time of year is so far removed from Christ that a phrase not containing “Christ” should be the least of our worries.
If there was ever a reason that Christ seems removed from this time of year it would be because those demonstrating or called to demonstrate Christ have failed. I am guilty of this beyond belief. This season I believe if we truly desire to see Christ in this season then we need to be the Christ we want the world to see.

Quinn: do you practice Christmas in the way you said? I have never been aware of that way or traditional practice.


What’s in a name?

Its a common occurrence within many evangelical’s holiday experiences. The Evangelical will be checking out at his/or her local store, purchasing gifts and items associated with this specific time of year, and the store clerk will say, “Happy Holidays!”. Here lies the problem. As a believer, should one feel offended or offer the obligatory “Merry Christmas!” back or just by into the commonly accepted notion that the world is in fact ridding this time of year of Christ? This is the dilemma that is apparently facing many believers today. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this situation before I post my own later this week.

things to do


Thanksgiving is approaching. The majority of people begin to prepare for christmas. It is even taking place within my own house. I walk in late Tuesday night and feel like I had stepped within a gingerbread house. I really enjoy the christmas decor and all that comes with christmas. However, I typically refuse to acknowledge the nearness of christmas until after Thanksgiving. I have even talked Charity into not getting our tree until Friday. Thanksgiving is often times overlooked in the business created by the Christmas season.

I really liked the concept of reflecting on what you are thankful for, especially during this time. I had read some things people were posting on twitter and facebook stating the things in which they were thankful for. I began to think of some things and as thought progression took place I actually started to think of things that I want. Not necessarily in a “box under the tree” but along the lines of things I want to accomplish. (On a side note, marriage has brought many things into perspective for me. I hate it. I can no longer be content with spending my days sleeping, video games, and chocolate milk. Now I am forced to plan my future with someone else in mind. My days consist of school, school, and chocolate milk. I really enjoy this new perspective. Back to my main point) I began to think of some things that I want to do. It’s like a bucket list but I have no plans of dying soon so I would like to call it a “List of things I would like to do with my life”. It’s really catchy. These dreams instantly became more realistic just by voicing them and writing some down. Here are some.

-learn to play guitar -learn to speak spanish -maintain a commitment to writing -be a dad (down the road. seriously, way down the road) -attain a masters or two -attend a baseball game at Fenway, Yankee Stadium, and Wrigley -adopt a kid -travel to New York with Charity -be the friend and person that people feel they can call on for help at any time -grow a beard

Those are some things, in no specific order, that I would like to do. There are more but what i have found within the last few days is that by thinking about goals and my future i develop a different perspective. I encourage anyone and everyone to do the same and even share some if you like. Thanks for stopping by and letting me have a few minutes in your day.


Christmas to be

understanding or better yet assuming that the previous passages on christmas have been read i will forego the introduction of what christmas is normally like for myself. the next and final part of this little series is Christmas to Be. 

Next year at this time i will be married and living under my own roof. with my wife. starting my own family traditions. no more sleeping on the same room with the siblings on christmas eve. no more getting in the car and traveling with my parents to see the grandparents. no more pulling my stocking off the chimney in between my mother and brothers. no more. 

this time next year i will have had my first christmas as a husband. this concept is a little overwhelming to me. i will be sleeping in the same room as my wife on christmas eve. i will be traveling with my wife to visit our grandparents and parents. i will be pulling my stocking down from the chimney as it hang beside my wifes. 

all of these thoughts are a little overwhelming but extremely exciting. I know not what to expect but i do know that i look forward to it. i know this was short but this was my thought on christmas to be.

christmas past, christmas present, and christmas to be: part II

today was the day that i used to long for until the age of 22. you see 22 is where i am and it is a very interesting place to be. you think you know everything. think you are responsible. and think that christmas just is not the same as it used to be. today was completely different than any before. if you do not know i am engaged. i will be married this time next year. therefore, this makes this christmas the last under my parentals roof. the last time i will travel to grandmas with my family. the last time i will have to wait till 9:00 to get out of the room that my siblings and i sleep in every christmas eve. the last time. 

today was special for me. i looked at christmas completely different. i found the most joy and excitement in the time i spent with my family. not the clothes that i wanted. not the new shoes. not the lack of a macbook under my tree. none of those things mattered. i ate eggs and bacon while washing it down with the sweetness of chocolate milk. i then proceeded to open the gifts my parents, i mean santa clause gave me. after we were finished around our house we traveled to my nannys house where we ate lunch and once again opened gifts. this next sentence will prove to you that i did not enjoy christmas because of the gifts i received. my nanny gave me a bag that weighed at least thirty pounds no lie. i would be lying if i said that i was not excited. then i opened and what to my wondering eyes should appear but 3 bottles of shampoo, 6 bottles of body wash, and hair gel. merry christmas everyone!!! 0i did not care though, i just laughed. i eventually went to my fiances house and talked with her family about their christmas. i know you have read this and wondered to yourself what i could have really found to be so special. there was no great gift or anything dynamic but i soaked every moment of this christmas and the time i had with my family. i pray that i take this mentality into more things in my life. i hope and pray that you had a good christmas. and as a good friend of mine is saying “Happy Christmas”