saturday evening

I understand that as I write it is sunday afternoon and my title says saturday evening. I feel it is my duty to you as my ever so faithful reader to inform you of the events that took place. as I stated on my twitter and facebook pages, charity (my fiance) and I spent the evening enjoying the finest st. augustine has to offer. now I must make it known that we recently watched the movie ‘yes man’. the story goes that jim carrey has to say yes to every opportunity in his life and this leads to his character meeting the love of his life and receiving the best that life has to offer. now all that being said, I determined in my heart that I would not ignore opportunities for charity and I while we were in st. augustine. we enjoyed a nice italian restraunt where we walked away full. yet, we then walked to grab some ice cream and fudge. but that was not it. we then drank coffee and enjoyed every second of it. we walked through the historic streets and looked at the decorated houses and trees. we even had the opportunity to watch a one man ban. this man played the harmonica, banjo, drums, and sang christmas songs. the night could not have gone any better. we were enjoying the night so much that we even entertained the idea of riding a carousel. that was until we approached it and realized that it was littered with little kids. I wirte all this to get to this point. my initial reaction to visiting st. augustine was not one of excitement. I even attempted to get out of the trip. but I am very thankful that I did not. (now the next couple of lines have potential to be extremely corny, over the top, etc… if you have a soft stomach you might consider returning to facebook). had I not gone I would have missed out on one of my favorite nights. I was able to hang out with my best friend and connect with her. show her that there is nothing better than spending time with her. I could not help but continually wonder how I was able to land her. my dad often tells me that I out punted my coverage and I could not agree more. (now if you are still with me I will venture to another point) I can not explain how much I enjoyed saturday evening. all because I said yes to an opportunity and decided to get the most out of the life God has given me.