images1i am sitting in the sanctuary just listening to “yellow” by coldplay and the newer version by jem. im looking for a job. im praying for a job. and im starting to adopt the mind set of poor ryan, you have no money and life is out to get you. so i decided to spend time in the word today and just want to share what i am chewing on now.

Job was a very persecuted believer as the Bible shows. and today my devotion led me to a passage that i can not wrap my mind around. In Job 42, God tells Job that if he prays for his friends he and his riches will be restored. Again i say, Job was the one who suffered extreme loss and his friends came to Jobs side to offer comfort and advise. But God tells Job to pray for his friends. Is this not the opposite of how we handle things today? if i am down i do not pray for my friends. i go to my friends and ask them to pray for me. but as i began to think about why God would have Job pray for his friends and have Jobs friends go to Job for prayer instead of the other way around i begin to see the reason. 

when i am down, feel like the world is on my back and that there is nowhere for me to turn but God. and during this time I know i am walking very close to God because i am no longer relying on myself or others for answers or guidance. so the reason we should seek those believers who are down is because they are closer to God then we who are doing well and tend to handle things on our own while doing well. its not the people that appear to have it all together that have an ear for God. (i.e. Abraham, Moses, David, Mary Magdalene, Paul (Saul), etc) what im taking away from this is that i need to understand that when i feel like im going through a dark time or down time God has me there to see His face and to find His plan. I do not need to be so quick to leave the down time. 

i pray that somewhere in this you can relate. that this has not come across as ramblings. and that we can actually practice this in our own walks. there is nothing wrong with lifting one another in prayer but lets make sure we are seeking Gods guidance and not our own. i apologize for the rambling and fog that is my thought.