1 john 1: 5-10

“walk in the Light”

the passage i read this morning discussed the concept of walking in the light of Christ and that when there is light, darkness is dispelled. a follower is unable to walk in both light and darkness. the passage also discusses admission of sin. if someone claims to be free of sin they lie but if they confess their sins Christ will be true to himself and forgive the sins.

i understand the simple application to this passage. as a follower i am no longer under the darkness and am now walking in light. however, what if i stumble? what if i fall into sin? i do sin. i do fail God. the passage seems clear when it states that if you stumble in the dark then you are lying through your teeth and are not living the life that you claim. that sends thoughts all throughout my head. have we lessened the standards of being a christian? have we turned it into more of a religion than a relationship? i understand that we all sin and as the passage states in verse 8, that if one claims to be free of sin he is only fooling himself. but how can we truly walk in light and not stumble in the darkness even though we commit sin? i have thoughts on this but would like to hear the readers belief on this subject as well. i would like to open this subject for discussion. please reply with your own thoughts.