December 28th is always a unique day for our family. Sandwiched between Christmas and New Years, the 28th of December means more to me than most other days. Sure, there is the temptation to skip past it because a new year is coming and that means a “new me”.  Yes, the post-christmas lag is real and could easily swallow up the 28th. Yet, the 28th is here and I have not forgotten. It is the day we celebrate the births of my Papa, my brother, and my sister.


Me and Papa have been cool since ’86.

Ken Frontz, aka. Papa, is a man unlike any other. Perhaps that sounds forced or cliché. After all, a grandson should have nothing but glowing remarks and embellished stories when discussing his grandfather but when I say “unlike any other” it is because he truly is. My Papa has lived life in such a way that when people find out I am his grandson I wait for the story of how he served them at some point when they were in need. Papa has never preached a sermon to me from behind a pulpit. He has never sat me down and walked through his favorite parts of scripture so that I may see how much he loves God. Instead, he served others in ways that only a man who loves Jesus could. In recent years he has been in and out of doctors offices and hospital visits. It has been a weird season with all of that. I never knew steel could bend. Yet, true to who he is, when I visited him one time in the hospital he allowed no time for me to ask how he was feeling. Instead, he quickly asked how I was feeling (having had some medical issues at that time myself) and then began checking on my kids and wife. In many other situations that would have come across as mere formality but for that man, my Papa, laying in the hospital bed, it was his character revealing itself once again. He turns 81 years old today. Happy Birthday Papa. Thank you for providing me with a standard of serving and loving others.

Ross Frontz, aka. my shadow/my protegé/my brother, turns 28 today. We are two years a part in age but when it comes to personalities we always seemed decades a part. Ross has always had the unique ability of living each day with passion and excitement. He has never been a man I would accuse of letting life “slip by” without getting something out of it. I have envied that trait. My cautious instincts often robbed me of new and exciting opportunities. Not Ross. The other thing I have always admired about Ross is his loyalty to people. Ross cares for his family and friends with a deep level of affection and care. Ross and I were never confused for “best friends” while growing up. Thank God for Pokemon or I am not sure we would have talked much from ’98-’01. However, I never doubted Ross’ loyalty to me as his brother. In fact, as we grew older, I remember numerous times when others made comments or jokes at my expense, Ross would use another gift, sarcasm/quick wit, to come alongside me in defense. (For what its worth, I never needed much help in the area of sarcasm but Ross didn’t need the invitation to defend me). It has been a great 28 years with my brother. We may not have grown up being best friends but I am not sure there is anyone else besides Charity that i enjoy hanging out with more. Happy Birthday brother. Thank you for your passion for life and deep love for your family.

Addyson Frontz, aka my sister/ the athlete/ the baby, turns 22 years old today. I am not even sure how that is possible. Growing up with an 8 year difference between us, I had the privilege of watching her grow up and remembering it all. Her first steps, first time I attempted to change her diaper, first time she wore a hoodie, etc. Addyson has taught me a lot about life and for that I am thankful. She is quiet and stoic but compassionate and thoughtful. Addyson is that person who does amazing things when no one is looking because A) she prefers that no one look B) she doesn’t care in the slightest if people “credit” her. She was destined to be the first girl QB at our high school or at least that’s what we dreamed when she would practice football plays with me in the yard. Addyson has taught me that being direct with people might not always be easy but it is always honest and forthright. I have always connected with Addyson. Probably because she called me “wabu” for the first 21 years of her life. Happy Birthday Addyson. Thank you for loving others deeply yet, quietly.

I love the 28th of December because it has given me 3 people who have helped make me a better man, father, husband, and brother. Happy Birthday !


Two “blondes” and me.


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