One of April’s Fools.

April 1st is traditionaly a day of pranks and jokes. I have been on both ends of the spectrum. It really gives one the excuse to get away with things that would never work 364 days a year. As enjoyable as pranks and all can be on this day, the first thing that comes to mind for me is that it is my mothers birthday. My mom is no joke (see what I tried to do there?). This year stands out to me more than ever before. It is the first time I celebrate my mothers brithday as a parent of my own. Seeing my little girl grow and develop into who God created her to be is a beautiful process. I find myself wanting to be there for every little thing she does, watch every crawl, and listen to every gaggle is a whole new experience. Yet, it feels familiar. This has to be in large part to the life I have observed when watching my mother. She has always been there for every step of the way. She taught me how to throw a baseball (the mechanics. The lack of ability was my fault), how to pursue Christ, and to love others. When I was looking for my wife, my mom was my standard. When I think of being a parent, my mom is my standard.

Thank you mother for seriously being more than any child could ever deserve.You are a beautiful woman who makes our world a truly better place. There is no one like you. Happy Birthday!

Love, Your Eldest Foolweddingmom


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