Our Unity Glorifies God

This morning I get the opportunity to speak to the staff of Westside. It is a task I do not take lightly but also one in which I anticipate with much excitement. There is a passage in Romans that finds Paul telling the early church they should walk in harmony. In that harmony, they declare the glory of God. It is a passage I have read and even spoke on in previous years yet, I believe the passage was illuminated with new meaning for me today.

Our unity declares the glory of God. Christ prayed in John 17 that you and I would walk as “one” as Christ and the Father are one. I know for myself that I fall into a trap of “me-ness”. I am a selfish creature. I confess. I am willing to guess that I am not alone in this. The body of Christ is not unlike a symphonic orchestra. There are many artists who all posses far-ranging abilities on specific instruments. Made up of different sections, the orchestra, when played as intended, produces finely tuned music. However, let us say the orchestra acted like you and I act within the body of believers and competed at times with itself. Instead of playing the designated piece the string section decided to play a new rhythm, the percussionists decided to play in the style of Jazz, or the trumpets played at full volume for not reason other than to be heard, this orchestra would be chaos and unable to fulfill its purpose.

Are we not guilty of playing to our own rhythm, volume, or tempo at times? If so, do you think the purpose of the body is fulfilled or does the “body” resemble chaos? Paul tells us that it is in our unity that God is glorified. Understanding that it is not about you or myself but Christ. Philippians 1:18 finds Paul reminding us again that it is all about Christ regardless of who or how the message is preached. As along as it is Christ.

My prayer is that I will understand the role I have been called to and do it as Christ would have me to do it. Understanding that my purpose is to be no different from that of the moon and that is to reflect the light. The light of Christ. May we develop hearts seeking unity in the body. It is about Christ and Christ alone.


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