NFL Week 5

11-3. You read that correctly. That is some kind of good but I do not want to brag cause this is a new week and anything can happen. Like 12-2. Here are my picks.

Jacksonville at Buffalo- Well the Jaguars are coming off a huge victory against the Colts. You might remember that I correctly picked the outcome. What? You don’t? Well give yourself a second and go look at the greatness that was my week 4 predictions. Anyways, enough about my greatness, the Jaguars are visiting a horrible team in the Bills. The problem here is that the Jaguars have always lost games where they should easily win. The always play down to their competition. Luckily, the Bills weakness is at defense which will let MJD have an even bigger break out game than he had last week. Fitzpatrick of the Bills will be able to find holes in the Jags secondary. Heck, Josh Crews could find holes in the Jags secondary. With that said, the Jags will sneak out of Buffalo with a victory.             JAGUARS win 24-20.

Denver at Baltimore- The Ravens will be able to stop the Broncos running game. Oh wait, Josh McDaniels will stop the Broncos running game. Flacco seemed to turn a corner in his game winning drive against the Steelers. That will be a huge step for the Ravens considering that the Broncos are 12th against the rush and Ray Rice is banged up.                 RAVENS win 20-13

Kansas City at Indianapolis- The Colts are going to torch the young secondary of the Chiefs. Peyton is going to make sure his defense can not lose another one for him. Matt Cassel is not good. He just is not. Also,  Jamal Charles of the Chiefs is averaging almost 8 YPC but he does not get the ball enough. That will hinder the Chiefs not help them this week. COLTS win 38-20.

Green Bay at Washington- Aaron Rodgers is one of the most exciting players to watch. You know who isnt? The Redskins. Seriously, they are not exciting in the slightest. Exception to this is if Ryan Torrain runs over a defender like he did last Sunday.

   Anyways, GREEN BAY wins 30-20.

St. Louis at Detroit- Last year this matchup would be the laughing stock of the NFL. This year its only like that for Detroit. However, both teams look to be on the right road and are getting more competitive each week. The Rams won last week to go 2-2. Lions almost won against the Rams. Lions get their first victory. LIONS win 31-28.

Chicago at Carolina- Cutler is out. The Bears looked awful on offense last Sunday night. This game is going to be extremely close. T.O.s will decide this one. Thats why I am still going with the Bears on the road. Claussen is a rookie who will try to make one throw too many. Bears win 17-14.

Tampa Bay at Cincinnati- Cincy couldnt pull out the victory against the Browns. Speaking of Browns I have a joke, what do you get when you cross Mangini with Jake Delhomme? The FREAKING CLEVELAND BROWNS. They are horrible. Enough about them, Cincy will get back to their winning ways against an over achieving Tamp team. BENGALS win 28-10.

Atlanta at Cleveland- (please see above) ATLANTA wins 24-14.

New York Giants at Houston- Giants defensive line looked amazing last week. Houstons offensive line has looked above average this season. This game will truly come down to whether Arian Foster can continue to run like a wild man. He will. TEXANS win 30-23.

New Orleans at Arizona- Look at the AZ QB situation. Enough said. (Seriously though, what does that say about just how awful Leinart was. AZ cut him) SAINTS win 27-14.

UPSET ALERT: Tennessee at Dallas- The Titans lost last week at home. Dallas was on a bye so we all lost. Sike. I think that CJ28 goes crazy this week. He is due. TITANS win 24-21.

San Diego at Oakland- Oakland is going to play their best game to date. I am tempted to pick the Raiders but with no McFadden I will go with the now pass happy Chargers.             CHARGERS win 23-17.

Philadelphia at San Francisco- The Eagles have no Mike Vick. What I dont understand is why the doctors just dont give him a shot like Vick gave to his dogs. Too soon? Well the 49ers will finally get a win this week. Thank you Frank Gore. 49ERS win 20-17.

Minnesota at New York Jets- MOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yea I forgot, REVIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As nice a pickup Moss is going to be, this is not the week to showcase that. Moss will score a TD but not rack up many yards. The problem for the Jets is that AP is there. Minnesota will stop the run of the Jets and force Sanchez into some crucial turnovers. VIKINGS win 27-17.


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