NFL Week 4

8-8. You do not make the playoffs (normally) but your head coach does not get fired (normally). Thats what my record was last week in my Week 3 picks. My upset special came through, thanks in large part to New Orleans kicker Garret Hartley. Yet, I picked the Jacksonville Jaguars to defeat the Eagles as well as the Texans over the Cowboys and neither of those turned out that way.

Enough whining about how bad the Jaguars look and that they look as bad as ever… oh i have not even written that yet. Anyways here are my picks for Week 4. Go to your local bookie or see Collin Douglas and make your money thanks to these selections.

Indianapolis Colts visit the Jacksonville Jaguars. I am a fan of the Jaguars. I am surprised at how bad they have played the last two weeks. David Garrard looks as though he has never played QB before. Yet, I am tempted to pick the Jaguars this week. Only because everyone is going against them. I could try and convince you that the run game will pick up for MJD and will keep Manning off the field. I could say that newly acquired Aaron Kampman will pressure Manning and throw him off. But all that is necessary just to give the Jaguars a chance. Enough. JAGUARS win 28-27

ATLANTA over 49ers- The Falcons are coming off a huge victory against the Saints. If the Falcons were traveling to the west coast I would pick the 9ers but they are not so the Falcons continue their surge to be a top team while the 49ers fall to 0-4 and fire the defensive coordinator. FALCONS win 27-20

Cincinnati at Cleveland- Carson Palmer does not look good compared to the old Carson Palmer. The only problem here is that the opposing QB is worse. Cleveland still has not learned how to pull out a close victory. BENGALS win 23-20

New York Jets visit Buffalo Bills- Buffalo is not that good. They got better by releasing Trent Edwards and starting Fitzpatrick but they are still not that good. Partly due to the fact that they do not give the ball enough to CJ Spiller. The Jets escaped Miami with a win and thats exactly what they will do this week. JETS win 17-13

Seattle visits St. Louis- Both teams are coming off upsets victories. Bradford has looked very solid all things considered. RAMS win 24-14

Denver Broncos visit Tennessee Titans- Chris Johnson got back to his old ways last week against the Giants. This continues against the Broncos who have turned into a pass heavy team. The Broncos Kyle Orton will thrown two INTS and head back to Denver 1-3. TITANS win 28-17.

Detroit at Green Bay- Detroit has made strides this season. They seem a little more competitive this season than in years past.  Yet, the Packers are heading home after a tough loss against the Bears and will take it out on the Lions. Rodgers will throw for well over 300 yards but watch for John Kuhn to get 2 goal line TDs. PACKERS win 38-20

Baltimore at Pittsburgh- This game is going to be a great hard hitting event. Two defenses that hate each other. Steelers are on their 4th QB yet remain undefeated while the Ravens finally got Flacco back to form in week 3. The Ravens will not allow the Steelers many scoring opportunities. RAVENS win 16-10

Carolina at New Orleans- New Orleans wins. Its that simple. They win big.              SAINTS 31-17

Houston at Oakland- Andre Johnson is not 100 percent. Thats ok. TEXANS win 30-20

UPSET ALERT. Washington at Philadelphia- The return of McNabb and Mike Vick is the starter at Philly, it is such a good story line. An even better story is McNabb winning. Thats what will happen. It will happen in exciting fashion. McNabb throws a game winning score to Chris Cooley. Watch. SKINS win 30-28.

Arizona at San Diego- San Diego must truly mean what Will Farrel said it did. At least after their performance in Seattle last week. Lucky for them, they get the Cardinals this week. These arent your older siblings Cardinals. These are the Anderson Cardinals. Thus, CHARGERS win 31-20.

Chicago at New York Giants- Cutler did not look to have his best stuff last week. They still won. The Giants lost a game many thought they would win. Turnovers killed the Giants last week. This week the Giants end the Bears undefeated run. GIANTS win 23-20

New England at Miami- New England looked good on offense last week. So did Miami. Miami lost last week. New England won. That will not be the case this week. DOLPHINS win 28-24


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