NFL week 3

It’s been awhile. Its actually been a long time since my last entry. I understand my following of readers have been crying out for more entries so I must oblige. I’m going to offer my picks for week 3 in the NFL and maybe just maybe a little analysis along the way.

First game is the Philadelphia Eagles visiting the Jacksonville Jaguars. Both teams enter with one win and one loss. The Eagles take the edge at the QB position. Mike Vick is back in a starting role and entering with 459 yards passing in 6 quarters of play. The lack of turnovers by Vick thus far in the young season will be the true edge that Vick holds over Jacksonville’s QB, David Garrard. After week 1 Garrard appeared to transform into 2007 Garrard but he quickly erased that sentiment with his turnover happy performance against the Chargers in Week 2. The key for the Jaguars this week will be getting Maurice Jones Drew going. MJD has been a shell of himself in the first two weeks of the season. Jacksonville can not depend on Garrard to win them games. If they do Philadelphia will win.
With that said, Jacksonville is 44-14 under Del Rio when they score at least 21 points in a game. After this week they will be 45-14. Philadelphia’s lack of defense will allow MJD to get going and take the game away from Mike Vick. MJD will rush for three scores while surpassing the 120 yard mark. JACKSONVILLE wins 27-21.

Dallas vs. Houston. Dallas has no identity. They have all kinds of talent but no clue what to do with it all. Romo is not the downfall of this team as some might suggest. Roy Williams is not even the guy to blame. Jason Garrett and Wade Phillips are the two to blame. Being 0-2 puts a lot of pressure on the Cowboys. The Texans on the other hand enter 2-0 and clicking on all cylinders offensively. Matt Schaub has the best wideout in the game in the form of Andre Johnson and the two are unstoppable. In fact, the only weapon capable of shutting the two down is Arian Foster. 241 yards in week one against the Colts explains why Johnson and Schaub were rather non existent.
The game is in Houston. If the game were in Dallas I believe the results would be different. However, seeing as how the coaching staff for Dallas is still in tact, the Texans will exit week 3 with a 3-0 record.

GIANTS over Titans.- Vince Young will not bounce back after being benched and will have 3 turnovers. 24-17

PITTSBURGH over Tampa Bay- Pittsburgh defense is too solid. Polamalu will force 2 turnovers and the Steel curtain wins a tight one 13-9

BENGALS over Panthers- Clausen is making his first start. Rookie QBs, not named Big Ben, do not win in their rookie year. Look for T.O and Ochocinco to make it in the end
zone this week. 31-20

RAVENS over Browns- this seems too easy. Ravens defense will annihilate Seneca Wallace. Flacco will rebound in a huge way. 27-10

49ers over Chiefs- The Chiefs look much improved. A lot of speed on special teams and in skill positions. Yet, the niners are coming off a tough loss and looking to take out their frustration on someone. Niners win 20-17

FAVRES over Lions- The Lions were able to score frequently last week against the Eagles. They still lost.The Vikings will get the offense rolling in a big way against a rather porous defense. A. Peterson will run like a mad man with 3 scores. Vikes win 31-13.

PATRIOTS over Bills- this has less to do with the Pats needing to rebound and more to do with the fact that the Bills might be the worst team in the league. Brady and Welker light up the Bills to the tune of 350 yards passing. Pats win 42-17.

FALCONS over Saints- in my upset pick, the Falcons defense will be too much for the sluggish Saints offense. Turner and Snelling will be too much for the Saints defense to handle. Falcons score an upset victory 24-20.

REDSKINS over Rams- McNabb will continue to give the Redskins organization hope and the Eagles regret for adding him to a division rival. Bradford will continue the ups and downs typical for a rookie QB. The difference here will be Steven Jacksons inability to get in the end zone.
Skins win 27-20.

OAKLAND over Cardinals. In Gradkowski we trust. Or in Anderson we fall. Either way Raiders win thanks to a huge effort by run DMC. Raiders win 23-20

CHARGERS over Seahawks.

COLTS over Broncos.

DOLPHINS over Jets.

BEARS over Packers.


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