The Vote…

Life is constantly pulling at each individual. Pulling in many directions at the same time. Sometimes it becomes difficult to tell which direction is right and which way to avoid. Sometimes the circumstances that are shaping the world shape us as individuals.

I had a discussion this morning about christianity and the concept of being “set apart”. What does this really look like? What does it truly mean? The general issue of appearance seems to be the first issue discussed as well as values. As christians we are to be so much more. Make an impact like Christ made an impact. So how do we do that? My answer (please know that this is not original): our reaction to life.

When Christ was here on earth for the short time that He was, His ministry is marked by his reactions to the way the world treated him. Christ never lets the circumstances of society determine His understanding of God. We see this even in His darkest moments of trial. When the weight of the world is on Him He ask that Gods will be done. Not His own. Gods.

I write this because I have been troubled with something recently. As many people are aware, America’s House of Representatives has passed the Healthcare legislation. Some say that it will change the nation for better while others are saying it is the end of America as we know it. Each side may be true. My issue with this has been the christian response. I speak in general terms but I am fully aware that not every follower of Christ has reacted in this manner. Many followers of Christ have become gloom and doom prophets with the passage of the bill. Why?

I understand the policy might not meet the standards of some but the fact is it is now in motion to become the law. Christians please remember this, God is still on the throne. The same God that created the world, flooded the world, watched His Son die, and created each individual for His glory is still on the throne. He is in control. So why have we allowed the circumstances of the world to determine our outlook on life? Are we not called to be set apart? Let us take advantage of this transitional time in society to be beacons of hope and love pointing towards Christ and not towards the errors and merits of human leaders.


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