I apologize

I once read a story from an author named Donald Miller. In this book, Blue Like Jazz, Miller describes how he and a few other followers of Christ set up a “confession” booth at their college campus. The occasional student would enter the booth with the intention of confessing their “transgressions” but instead they found Miller and the others apologizing to them. Miller confesses for the crusades, slavery, and other social injustices that the church played a part in. They apologized for their lack of influence today as well.

Why is this uncommon? Should the church apologize to those who it has done wrong? Is this concept farfetched and unnecessary? I would like to her your thoughts as I work on my own theory that I plan on posting before the weeks end.


15 thoughts on “I apologize

  1. I was once told that followers only get half as enthused as their leader. If this is true than with every “christian” leader who gets lazy, the followers get twice as lazy. This leaves influence to die. I can remember when I first started going to church just a few years ago. There was so much leadership and influence. But now I don’t see any of it any more.
    I don’t think we should apologize for the past because I believe everything happens for a reason and so the past is the past for a reason. But everyone will be accountable for their actions and the only ones you can control are your current and future actions.

  2. you are on the right track. i really enjoy your blogs keep writing and keep thinking. as for this idea, i believe the church should apologize. if not to the world at least to God, for dragging his name through the mud.

  3. I think it’s another way to get away from the real thing. We are to follow the example of Jesus Christ and that is far from what many who call themselves intellectuals are doing. Christ did not debate the faults of the world he was living in…he preached Christ. I don’t think those things that happened in the past hurt the current cause for Christ. I think it’s our lack of living like a Christian. We are so busy with other causes and debating the faults of our churches that we are not just doing it!! The world sees a Christianity that can’t agree among themselves and does not want to be a part of it. Instead of finding all the faults which keeps us from doing what we need to be doing, let’s just do it!! Reach out to others in need, share the gospel of Jesus Christ, pray about our church, pray for the apathy among believers, pray that we would just be a loving church who loves God and people…period. And we have that if we would do what we need to be doing! First of all, where is our faithfulness? God’s Word tells us to not forsake the assembling of our ourselves together yet we find every excuse to not support our local church. “For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any value. The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love”, Galations 5:6.

  4. I agree with Eva on this. People respond better to action than to words (bandwagon). We are to be like Jesus and he didn’t go around apologizing for say, Davids sin, he just showed the love of God through his actions.

  5. Actions speak louder than words, but I think words matter. I think the idea of the apology is a good one. More importantly, though, I think our knowledge of the corporate sins of the pass should cause us to walk a little more humbly. We (hopefully) look back on the crusades and Christian support of slavery with horror, it is likely that our Christian descendants will look back on some of our attitudes and actions in the same way.

    So, I say apologize when it’s called for, do what is right, and walk humbly before our fellow man and our God…. it seems like something like that is written somewhere (Micah).

  6. If we are going to apologize for every evil work done by people in the name of Christianity you will be apologizing for ever. I am sorry they called themselves Christians, but remember the road is narrow to heaven, not everyone who calls themselves Christian will go to heaven only those who do the Fathers will.

  7. The crusades and slavery happened years ago, I understand the lack of influence and maybe being judgmental, but why apologize for something that most people aren’t really affected by? Please don’t get all racist on me, slavery was a bad thing, but what good is Don Miller apologizing for it going to do?

  8. Mary Jane – when I was in college, I was a sociology minor. Most every professor I had was not a Christian and many were antagonistic toward those who maintained faith. When faith came up, things like the crusades, etc. were often brought up. I found the easiest way to continue the conversation was to acknowledge we were wrong. In doing this. they were able to respect me more, even if they didn’t share my faith or support it.

    That’s really what I’m talking about. Being willing to acknowledge that Christians have gotten it wrong when it comes up.

    However, again, I think the more important thing is to walk humbly today. The past is important, but the now is far more important.

  9. Quinn- acknowledging something was wrong is not the same thing a apologizing for it. We are sorry it happened but there is nothing we can do or say to erase it. However there is something going on right here and now in our generation that I think will call for a massive apology when we get to heaven…..the murder of innocent babies everyday.

  10. One day we will all answer to God for the sins of this world. I won’t be apologizing for having an abortion or even letting it happen. I will be apologizing for not spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world. Christians have and will continue to do wrong things. Praise the Lord for the blood and grace of Jesus Christ. Living here and now like Quinn said, is the most important thing. Sure, don’t be afraid to say they got it wrong and even say I get it wrong, too. Christians aren’t perfect only God is. I didn’t support slavery, I wasn’t around. I do believe in supporting equality now and am against any kind of racisms of which there are many kinds. Again, I believe in living for Christ now and doing the best I can to promote unity in the body here and now. That doesn’t mean we can’t all use some edification.

  11. Let me Clarify myself, if someone personally felt I needed to apologize to them, whether I think I did or not, I would apologize in a heartbeat. Or, at least I would pray that God would give me the humility to do that. Whatever I do, I want it to be in the name of Jesus. Words or deeds!!

  12. I love the book of Nehemiah. I love the part of the book that says Nehemiah was so heartbroken over the sins of his people. It goes on to say that he confessed the sins of his people to God. I believe that God has heard and should continue to hear our cry for mercy over those that belong to him. Whether it be what we have done, or what we are doing. I don’t think that is meant for any person. That doesn’t align with what Paul told Timothy when he told him to proclaim the message whether it is convenient or not. I believe when a believer grows in Christ he begins to see how life is meant to be lived, he also learns and sees how not to live from his past and the past of his brothers and sisters.
    Show Christ always. Live Christ always. This first and foremost.

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