things to do


Thanksgiving is approaching. The majority of people begin to prepare for christmas. It is even taking place within my own house. I walk in late Tuesday night and feel like I had stepped within a gingerbread house. I really enjoy the christmas decor and all that comes with christmas. However, I typically refuse to acknowledge the nearness of christmas until after Thanksgiving. I have even talked Charity into not getting our tree until Friday. Thanksgiving is often times overlooked in the business created by the Christmas season.

I really liked the concept of reflecting on what you are thankful for, especially during this time. I had read some things people were posting on twitter and facebook stating the things in which they were thankful for. I began to think of some things and as thought progression took place I actually started to think of things that I want. Not necessarily in a “box under the tree” but along the lines of things I want to accomplish. (On a side note, marriage has brought many things into perspective for me. I hate it. I can no longer be content with spending my days sleeping, video games, and chocolate milk. Now I am forced to plan my future with someone else in mind. My days consist of school, school, and chocolate milk. I really enjoy this new perspective. Back to my main point) I began to think of some things that I want to do. It’s like a bucket list but I have no plans of dying soon so I would like to call it a “List of things I would like to do with my life”. It’s really catchy. These dreams instantly became more realistic just by voicing them and writing some down. Here are some.

-learn to play guitar -learn to speak spanish -maintain a commitment to writing -be a dad (down the road. seriously, way down the road) -attain a masters or two -attend a baseball game at Fenway, Yankee Stadium, and Wrigley -adopt a kid -travel to New York with Charity -be the friend and person that people feel they can call on for help at any time -grow a beard

Those are some things, in no specific order, that I would like to do. There are more but what i have found within the last few days is that by thinking about goals and my future i develop a different perspective. I encourage anyone and everyone to do the same and even share some if you like. Thanks for stopping by and letting me have a few minutes in your day.



4 thoughts on “things to do

  1. yo ryan i read ur blog and man u really do go deep. i can’t believe im sayin this but think u just gave me a new perspective on life. Thanks man,

  2. Great post, Ryan. I, too, have a list of several things I would like to accomplish. I hope that both of us can see these things come to reality.

    Congrats on the marriage. I will be praying for you and Charity!

    Have a very happy Thanksgiving!

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