a state of prayer

Over the last few days I have been involved in quite a few conversations about prayer. In the college ministry I attend, Adelphia Ministries, we had a discussion about what prayer is and how we use prayer. In my own devotions this week and recently I have thought quite a bit about my own prayer life.

Prayer has often been said to be our way of communicating to God. Our way to let God know the desire of our heart. This is true but we have done a poor job of truly understanding exactly how prayer should take place. For instance, we preach in our prayers. I know that too many times in my own prayer life I “preach” through m prayer cause i know that people are listening and i often times want to impress them. I also see prayer as an obligation. Im supposed to “pray without ceasing” so whenever I think about praying or i sit down to eat i say a word or two to God.

I had no idea that when i started to write this blog sometime last week God was emphasizing prayer to me so much because He knew how much i would be using it now. Circumstances this week have left me on my knees. I know that God has a plan and is in control of all things. I know this in my mind. But this does not comfort me right now. It just blurs things even more. I have found that my growing understanding of prayer has been a huge help to me this week. I have talked to God with a true desire for understanding. Prayer has helped me feel and know God in these hard times.

Do not neglect the importance of prayer.

“To be a christian without prayer is no more possible than being alive without breathing” Martin Luther King Jr


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