its time for a change

chien mang wang, starting pitcher of the New York Yankees, just called me and said he completely agreed with my new theory. Randy Johnson sent me a text saying the same. What do these two have in common? They both injured themselves while trying to hit in the National League.

For years now, since 1973, the American League has been using the position of Designated Hitter (DH) in place of the pitcher taking a bat in his hands. The rule was always controversial and thus remained active in the AL only but the NL continues to force pitchers to swing the bat. This rule must change. Not because AL offenses are more effective or because watching pitchers hit is often times like seeing a car accident. Its going to be ugly and you know you should turn your head but you have to watch the chaos. The reason the NL must adopt the DH position is because having pitchers hit is putting their careers at risk.

I decided to write my thoughts on the topic after watching 12 foot legend Randy Johnson strain his shoulder while swinging and according to some reports may have ended his career. Also, Chen meng Wang required season ending surgery last season while running to first during an Interleague game in Houston. After watching Wang pitch in 2009 i would say that the injury has had a dramatic effect  on a once dominating sinker ball pitcher.

There is no longer any reason to go without the DH rule. It generates more offense which generates fans which generates revenue. The threat of ruining careers is no longer worth it. Lucky for baseball fans Randy Johnson started in the AL so that way fans could witness the career that was Randy Johnsons.


2 thoughts on “its time for a change

  1. I don’t agree or disagree, but I do believe in unifying both leagues with the same rules. It’s ridiculous how long this has lasted. AL pitchers deal with much more fierce lineups everyday, while we have five times as many NL pitchers with sub-3 ERAs.
    In no other major sport does this happen. It’s the equivalent of NFC teams being awarded a first down after eight yards of positive offense. Or the Western Conference playing without the three-point line.

    I would also argue that during inter-league play, regardless of the home stadium, both teams should succumb to the lowest common denominator of rules: the NL’s no DH policy. It’s unfair for the NL to place someone who doesn’t get everyday play out there in the DH spot, while the AL team is putting their regular DH in the lineup to do what he does every night. AL teams allot money to a DL spot on their roster. DH’s are more prepared and better compensated for their play than the average pinch-hit specialist who sees 300 less at-bats in a season.

    I would probably go the other way in this though. Maybe it’s because I’m a National League guy, but I like the strategy of pinch hitting for your starter in the seventh and seeing relievers trade places with batters in pivotal points in one run games.

  2. i do appreciate the strategy thats involved in the NL when it comes to pinch hitting for the pitcher but i just see it as better overall for baseball to go to the use of the DH. i just hate seeing Pitchers getting hurt cause they are trying to hit a curveball while swinging like its a fastball.

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