The Final Four

See what i mean

See what i mean

believe it or not the NBA has finally made it to the Conference Finals. it only took a month but they are finally here. in the west we have the L.A. Lakers versus the Denver Nuggets. And in the East we have the Cleveland Lebrons versus the Orlando Magic. I do not care about the West because my Mavericks are no longer alive. Thanks Eric Dampier.

Lets look at the east. The Cleveland Cavaliers have been forgettable so far this postseason because their series are over in four and won by more than 10 points each game. I would like to point out that both series took place between two teams that were garbage and completely overmatched.  (Wonder if Dumars still likes dealing washed up Billups for Iverson) Lebron has devoured any opponent that attempts to slow him down. (Im debating capitalizing Lebron, He, Him, or any other reference made to Lebron because He has been divine so far) Doing what He did during the regular season but only better of distributing to shooters like West and Williams. Dishing off to Big Z and Verejao. and out rebounding everyone including Big Z. Lebron will play the Magic fresh off their 7 game series victory over that one team whom i hate as much as that team from San Antonio. The Magic offer the biggest challenge to the Lebrons making it to the Finals. It is easy to say that the  Magic start with Dwight Howard but when i watch the Magic they go by Hedo Turkoglu. When the 6’10” small forward brings his intensity and energy to the arena, watch out. he can drive to the basket and dish it off to Superman (6’11”) for a mans dunk or kick it out to 6’10” Rashard Lewis for a three. This series is going to be epic in my opinion. The reason is because the Magic won the season series 2-1 against the Lebrons during the regular season including a blowout in Orlando in which the Magic were winning by 39 in the 3rd quarter. (ESPN carried that game and almost switched to Matthew Berry Fantasy Special but stayed out with their programming im sure of it) My take on the series is Magic win in 7. Their size and ability to disrupt Lebron will keep them close in every game and allow them to pull out the series and face…. the Lakers.

I would also like to take this moment and convince you to hate the team from Boston as much as i do. Consider this, Kevin Garnett is the scariest and ugliest man alive. They are the cockiest team ever and Paul Pierce seems to have forgotten that just 2 years ago he was the “captain” of one of the worst teams in recent memory.


2 thoughts on “The Final Four

  1. Let me start off by saying that if u think there is a team in the NBA that is cockier than the la lakers then u either have never watched them or u don’t understand the word cocky. They have no respect for anyone or anything, and it starts with their coach and their best player. During the rockets series Kobe was heard yelling directly at shane battier and doug collins, known as two of the best guys in the game, that battier ” can’t guard me”. That is the definition of cocky. Also, after another embarressing loss to a rockets team that was without yao ming and tmac, Kobe and phil Jackson both basically said that it didn’t matter that they had lost. Their arrogance spills down to the other players, just a year or two ago twenty year old andrew bynum got into a verbal altercation with Jackson on the sidelines. That, along with the way he carries and conducts himself now displays an arrogance that goes right along with his teammates. There are more players I could go on about, like Lamar odom, but I still want to talk about what ur blog was actually about. I couldn’t let that comment about Boston go by though. They may be in the top two or three in the NBA when it comes to cockiness, but without a doubt la is number one. But about the eastern conference finals, I disagree with ur pick. I’ll start by talkin about each teams best player, lebron and dwight, and their matchups. First off, there is not a player in the NBA, let alone on orlandos roster, that can stop lebron. Hedu and rashard lewis are way too slow and anyone else they could throw at him would be way too small. The only way they could stop him would be to constantly help off of other cavaliers. In the past this would have worked, not this year though. Cleveland has built their team the right way, with an excellent mix of dribble penetrators and three point shooters, and when u have both of those u basically make it impossible for the other team to double any player. When it comes to Howard, I think this will be a tough series for him because his lack of offensive skill and clevelands excellent defense. Since he gets most of his points off breakdowns by the other team, he will be limited by the cavs sound play. You said the key would be hedu, I strongly disagree. Lebron will shut him down almost completely. He won’t be able to drive or get seperation for quality shots against the king. I think the key for Orlando is rashard lewis, the cavs have no one, other than James, who can match his size and athleticsm. While I think the magic can win this series, I think that they too many times have stretches of just downright awful offense and defense. It seems like every other game their offense consists of one pass then a three point attempt. The cavs have their own struggles at times on the offensive end, mainly when lebron is on the bench, but their shut down defense keeps them in it. I think in the end the magics erratic play will cause them to fall to the cavs in either a six or seven game series.

  2. i will agree that the Lakers are a rather cocky team however if you can name me a player or coach on the same caliber as Kobe and Phil Jackson then i will adhere to your opinion. no one on the Celtics has any room to be cocky because they were all losers on their own. (Pierce in Boston, Garnett in Minnesota, and Allen in Milwaukee and Seattle) and Doc Rivers is rather unsuccessful as well. as far as your theory about Lebron being too athletic for Hedo or Rashard the numbers would dictate that he struggles against the defense of the Magic. They played the Magic 3 times this season and lost twice. In the victory Lebron shot over 50% from the field but in both losses shot 33%. The bigger stat is in the +/- category. meaning the number of points the team either gained or lost on an opponent while the specific player was on the floor. In game 1 Lebrons +/- was -9 while Hedo had a +14. Game 2 The Magic lost but Lebron only posted a +5 on the night he made everything. Game 3 he had a nice -26! My point is not to say that Lebron is going to be ineffective but that he will not have his will like he does against everyone else. The Magic can throw 3 players that are at least 3 inches taller than him. Plus Dwight Howard is the Defensive player of the year and is disrupting Lebron from getting easy dunks and cuts to the basket. That is why i see the Lebrons being upset.
    Also, you mentioned that the Magics offense consist of too many quick shots and threes. However, Game 7 of the Boston series would show a more mature Magic team. The ball movement was throwing the team from Boston all over and setting the Magic up with wide open threes. I think we will see more of that offense this series instead of the quick shooting Magic that has reared its head throughout times this season.

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