the purpose…

i have been doing some thinking. dangerous. but still i went with those thoughts and talked to a few people about them to see the responses i would receive. i now want to see what the response of any reader who stumbles on this will be.

what is the purpose of the church? i understand that we can lay down some cookie cutter answer but give it some genuine thought. what is the purpose? the next question i have is do you see the church fulfilling that purpose now? why or why not? i would like to hear some responses before i lay out my very over thought answer.


9 thoughts on “the purpose…

  1. Ok, so I happen to read this great quote today that I think applies and describes why we need the church and what its purpose is quite succinctly and truthfully: “There are two things we cannot do alone. One is to be married, and the other is to be a Christian.” Too easy, perhaps, but, then again, I don’t think Jesus intended following Him to be overly complicated. 🙂

  2. long story short we go to church to stay in check with god and to make sure we understand what were reading and to learn something we might miss and use it toward our daily lives.

    there are many other reasons but i cant put them into thought this late at night.

  3. interesting, my church is going through this right now actually. our pastor just recorded an audio letter challenging us as a community to engage more (we are a smaller church that has been through 4 splits in the past 10 years).

    and also interesting, my seminary class is currently on the church.

    so to attempting an abbreviated answer….

    each particular church body is a smaller manifestation of the church, the body of Christ at large, of which every congregation is a part.

    the church serves is the primary tool within His kingdom; we are not better or worse than the kingdom, Christ intended that we would exist all along (depending on how you define the church, you can say it existed to eternity past in His divine counsel, or to the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, or the the creation of Israel, or to the day of Pentecost).

    the church is the the main tool whereby Christ brings about His reign and His kingdom with increasing reality.

    Christ promised the Kingdom during His earthly ministry, but the church came instead; this was intended.

    since all of life is worship (not just singing on sundays mornings with an acoustic guitar), i believe the purpose of church is for the edification of believers concerning the glory of God. this edification in turn drives believers into a closer walk with Him during the week, whereby their lives minister to those around them.

    i dont believe church should be heavy on programming , but on building up the believers that they are the programs.

    that being said, we need to be aware of the culture in which we exist. i do not agree with seeker-friendly churches, but we need to be aware that visitors and non-believers will wander through our doors, and therefore need to be actively ministering to them on sundays as well.

    someone once said church is like football – where else do you have a lot of people in the stands badly in need of some exercise watching a few people on the field badly in need of a rest?

    we are all caught up in our own little worlds unaware of what goes on around us, unaware that all around us people are dying and going to hell.

    so….the church’s purpose is i believe to instruct and disciple believers, that they may go out and lead lives glorifying God, through which nonbelievers are drawn to Christ. also, there is an element, not of being seeker friendly, but of being aware of who will be walking through the door and ministering to them.

  4. Church. It depends where you are in your very own spritual growth. People go to church for all the wrong reasons, they feel as though they NEED to go to church to hold their place in Heaven. Some believe they NEED to go b/c it’s the right thing to do. And others go because the feel the NEED to gain a “happiness” or a “up-lifting” immediate overcome. I could answer your question in many different ways, but everyone is different. Why do people go to Church? You tell me…

  5. Just typed a long thing, then decided I’d rather talk about this in person. Let’s hang out again soon.

  6. i definitely agree that Christianity is impossible to accomplish by ones self. i think that is a main purpose of the church for fellowship and communion amongst followers of Christ

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