Jesus wept

Next Sunday is easter sunday. The day we are supposed to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. I was reading through Luke about the time in Jesus’ life between the triumphant entry and the crucifixion. One passage stood out to me more than any other. The reason is probably due to the fact that I have read right past this passage or never truly looked for the purpose of the passage. The passage is Luke 19:41-44.

In this passage Jesus goes to a place on the Mount of Olives where he is able to see all of Jerusalem. He begins to weep. The Word says He Wept. Now this is not the infamous John 11:35 “Jesus Wept.” This is another instance of Christ being broken. In this passage He looks over a city that has missed its Saviour. A city that was so full of itself that it missed out on its King, its Deliverer, and its Redeemer. He Wept.

I looked up the root of the word wept, which is weep, just to make sure I undertsood what was taking place. The Greek word used is klaio. This meant to weep bitterly, to bewail. Jesus is sobbing over the condition of Jerusalem. That hit me rather hard. Partly because I am not what you would consider emotional or sympathetic. I take no pride in this anymore as I used to. Plus, I rarely am broken by the spiritual condition of the world. Christ had a burden for people to know His love and His message, the Gospel of Christ. I have no such burden. In words most definitely but in action and true heart desire I can not claim to. So here Jesus is weeping.

I just wanted to write about this for some reason. I pray for myself that I become burdened for others the way Christ was. I pray that is the desire for the Church as well. I feel so ashamed to admit this because i claim to be part of the Body  of Christ. We as a body and as individuals need to develop a passion to serve others and bring them to know the love of Christ. We are most like Christ when we are serving others.


One thought on “Jesus wept

  1. I know I don’t weep enough for the condition of our world and it’s people. It’s easier for me to do things for their physical needs than their spiritual needs sometimes. Then I have to remember what’s more important. (Of course, meeting the physical needs can open the door to evangelism.) Unfortunately, I think I weep more for the state of the church…the apathy and infightings. I desperately want to be more broken for the lost. Thank you Ryan for the post and sharing of your heart.

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