sometimes in life we often find hardships. we come across things that seem like mountains when in reality they are just mole hills. we find things in our life  that bring an immense amount of stress and distraught upon our lives. football is just that event. now do not get me wrong. i have thoroughly enjoyed the process of coaching my flag football team. but i have been going through quite a learning process. there have been times where i thought the world would cave in and times when i saw visions of speeches and ticker tate parades! and after our first game… well life was over. we were creamed and our team showed no signs of life. then came this weekend. we lost both games but i finally laid eyes on a group of players that wanted to play. there were throws being made with successful catches following. scores were no longer as rare as a chupacabra. i am not going to lie i have been humbled through this process. for those who do not know me i am what some may call competitive. and losing has never been ok with me. i write this because its lighthearted and something going on in my life. i do not want to always write about politics or spirituality. i will update you all as to how many wins we squeak out by the end of the year.


5 thoughts on “futbol…

  1. Just keep this in mind….there are about a bazillion people in China who couldn’t care less about your flag football game. Now doesn’t that make you feel better?!? 🙂 GO TEAM!!!

  2. win or lose you were lookin FLY in those black nike pants and that Giants beanie. My man is one good lookin’ coach. Go Giants!! 🙂 No but seriously, I am so proud of you and how good you are with your team. It’s obvious they love you and that they’re really improving. Keep up the great work darling! 🙂 I love you

  3. Yes, kudos on the chupacabra reference.

    Charity – anti-kudos on using the word “fly” as an adjective.

  4. mrs vicki- thank you for the perspective
    collin- i didnt know you read this thing
    charity- girl you is so FWINNNEEEE! haha i hate how close we are! ha it is going to happen this weekend though! i love you too
    quinn- thanks for the kudos and apparently you did not know about charity and her “hood” lingo.

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