reflecting upon what occurred.

it is something that will go unappreciated by many for many years. many people will ignore or have ignored already the events that have taken place today. Barack H. Obama is the 44th President of the greatest country in the known free world, the United States of America. As i stated before he is african american. i already discussed in the previous blog how i feel christians such as myself should handle the election and the President himself. today i would rather discuss what took place today and just my thoughts on the events.

Aretha Franklin should have stopped singing and acted like the microphone broke. I respect all her older music when she was younger and in her prime but even a voice like hers will eventually lose its strength and beauty. 

Rick Warren surprised me with his prayer and the content of his prayer. i was worried he might just go and say a general prayer and avoid the criticism of the often “anit-God” media. anyone who knows me understands that i am not a hardcore fundamentalist and expect every christian to proclaim Christ every chance they get but i was very pleased to hear the prayer of Rick Warren and what he had to say. 

As for the actual oath and swearing in, i can not blame President Obama for messing up. The judge should have broken the oath down and made it easier to remember. It was rather funny to hear such an eloquant speaker like President Obama have a problem repeating the oath of office. 

The speech was very well said however. I enjoyed the quoting of scripture and the closing statements he made. The statement of looking to the horizon and with Gods grace we will come out of this. (i completely paraphrased) I am excited about this. This new “regime” if you will. I had such a nervous/anxious/excited feeling while watching history unfold in front of me. I watched it on television and my computer as well to get different coverages. Overall, i enjoyed today and all the events prior to. May God continue to bless President Obama and the United States of America.


7 thoughts on “reflecting upon what occurred.

  1. I was really impressed with Warren’s prayer. I thought he managed to at once be honest about who he was as a Christian minister and yet still be respectful of the fact that our country includes many who are not Christians. For the record, I thought Bishop Robinson’s prayer was quite good too.

    I thought the speech was excellent. Very excited to see what these 4 years hold for our country.

    I will disagree about Aretha. She wasn’t perfect, but I thought she brought it.

  2. Not much to add, I usually agree with you and I love reading your perspective.
    I did hear that it wasn’t Obama who messed up, but the judge. That is why he changed the phrasing the second time ’round. I only heard this in passing, from a tv anchor on CNN, so I can’t be sure. I need to research my data!!
    I thought the poem after the swearing in was meaningful, but I didn’t care for the delivery.
    I loved Michelle Obama’s yellow dress green shoes!!!

  3. and come to find out the judge actually said it wrong the first time

    therefore causing barack to slip up

  4. By the way, Ryan, you are like two posts away from being labeled a hippie communist. Don’t you know you can’t be respectful or hopeful about people with whom you disagree?

    Just thought I’d let you know.

    – a concerned hippie communist

  5. quinn- thanks for the warning. im currently in he process of deleting this entire site like it never existed.
    and you are not allowed to disagree on my site! if you liked aretha that is your opinion and not allowed. only allow yourself to sing praises of MY opinions from now on! thank you! ha

  6. I want to publicly apologize to President Obama for messing up the Oath of Office. It appeared that he messed up to the estimated 1.1 billion people watching. It was I though, who in fact messed up. My apologies.

    Chief Justice Roberts

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