is it not ironic….

today is monday. nothing ironic about that i know. however, monday is martin luther king day. i love martin luther king day. not because i used to recieve a day off from school. because of what that man accomplished and how he accomplished things. peace marches to raise awareness. speeches and sermons of love, perseverance and forgiveness. that is an often forgotten fact of Dr. King, he was a minister. he was the definition of a minister. and on monday we should actually take time to remember him and thank God for a man like him who made our world and our society a better place. then tuesday comes. it always follows monday. its science. and on this tuesday the twentieth of january President-elect Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th president of the United States. a man of color. a revolutionary. and like Dr. King he has faced difficult people and circumstances. i live in the south trust me i know that what martin luther king started has not come to fruition. understand that i too have not always been supportive of President elect Obama. i will even go as far as saying that i voted for McCain. However, i am excited about this day to come. It is a new era. its history in the making. it is a sign that things have come along way in the last 50 years. there is still work to be done. but when tuesday morning arrives i will watch the Oath of office take place and i will be smiling and praying. no matter what we as christians need to lift our future president up in prayers. our country does not need division especially with christians leading the charge. i am not saying christians are doing so but i have heard enough to let me know we are not handling this like we should. so on tuesday morning i challenge you to wake up and lift this country and its president in prayer. cover them in prayer. after all we do live in the best country in the modern world.


5 thoughts on “is it not ironic….

  1. Im not gonna lie. I’d appreciate tomorrow a little more if he hadn’t wasted 150 million dollars on a 4 day block party. Just sayin

  2. Ryan you did make me look at in a different way even though he just stuttered on his words being sworn in. Its like you said all we can do is pray for our country and hope for the best. It is a New Era !

  3. Wow Kari! Even you Collin.
    Way to hide those prejudices well. People that pretend to sit on the fence are much worse than those that pick sides so get off your fences.

    Also, get the facts, Obama did not “stutter” in the swear in; John Roberts read it incorrectly. Somehow though, it seems inconsequential to some (for e.g., you Kari) that Roberts read it incorrectly; I mean, did he suddenly forget to read or did he suddenly lose his nerve?? Highly doubtful.

    Do not lie to yourself though. It is okay to not be a supporter of Obama. You should be able to say that. It is not okay to be ambigiously supportive. There is the right thing to do and the wrong thing to do. Obama might not be a perfect human (no one is) but there is no doubt that he was the best candidate for the Presidency. There is no shame in that.

    Everyone wants the best. We all want the best, for things to turn around; that is the consensus. There is hope. It is time for everyone to just move past their prejudices and find a way to work together. The truth is, we need to educate ourselves better and we need to learn to appreciate each other. The problems in the world today are mainly from our lack of compassion or appreciation for each other. The Presidency is an institution and often a symbol but it cannot replace how we actually treat each other. Obama will do whatever is dictated by his Office and Its duties. In electing Obama, the message is clear but now people actually have to live that message themselves instead of passing on blame and prejudices. It is up to all of us to work together.

    God bless.

    PS: Words are like a cracked egg. Once the yoke has been exposed, there is no going back. It is important to not be on the proverbial fence about things.

  4. to whom this may concern,
    i really appreciate the comment and while i do agree with much of what you say i can not support the act of ripping someone else for their comments and beliefs the way that you did. all i am saying is kari and collin placed their name behind their comments and you did not. once again i appreciate what you had to say but if you feel so strong about this then please place your name behind it.

  5. Thank you Ryan ! and by the way Obama was not the best candidate in this past election but, niether was McCain. God is the only one that can help our country.

    God Bless,

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