what is it about being connected to something that triggers my emotions? why is it that in order for me to get any fulfillment out of things i have to be connected first? is this wrong? i recently read a friend asking for some theories on why the “20 somethings” are being unreached by churches and what can the church do to reach them. i responded with the idea of showing genuine connection. it is a concept that i believe to be most effective with others because i respond the best when i feel connected with something. but am i alone? does society really promote true connection? in a world of instant gratification, one night stands, and fast food can true connection be a true option anymore? Do churches have time to form a genuine connection? it seems to me that there is a fine line. the church needs to understand that we are not battling against society for people. People and the way that they live make up society so the idea of its us against the world needs to be dropped in my belief. However, the church needs to use society as its barometer. Society will show the church the movement of the people the church is trying to reach. therefore the church can make itself more culturally relevant. for instance, a church in rural america is better off understanding that the society around them is rural instead of battling with the society around them. Understanding this will allow that church or whatever church to connect with the society that surrounds it. I am guilty of understanding that Christ wants to do a change in my life and expecting that change to have already taken place in the people around me. the world is going to act like the world acts. It is my responsibility and the churches to find a way to reach out and connect with these people in a way that makes sense and relates to them. I understand that i have rambled but i wanted to get a point across. We as a church need to start going to the world with a heart of love and arms of grace and embrace them instead of waiting for them to come to us. We need to show the world that the church (body of Christ) has something to offer them besides the idea of condemnation that follows the name of Christ around all too often. I need to show the world that true connection.


3 thoughts on “connection:

  1. I like what you’re saying.

    I think it also gets to my first comment on my blog – I’m not sure that the corporate worship service is where we are supposed to “reach” people. I think a solid church community will encourage its members to “go” and reach people in their every day life.

    To use some popular buzzwords it’s the difference between a missional church and an attractional church. A missional church sees corporate worship as a place for the community to come together, hear God’s word, participate in God’s sacraments, and be sent to bring the good news they’ve heard to the world around it. An attractional church is going to try to put on a great show and get visitors in the door with the show and get them signed up for 18 committees while they are there.

    I think a missional church is, ironically, way more likely to ‘attract’ people in our demographic. People in young adulthood are generally sick of the BS. They don’t want fake, they want a place to be authentic, and if a church has in mind developing a Christ-centered, life affirming community (that won’t suck up every minute of your free time by prepping for the next big show) that is, in turn, life giving to the community around it – well, that is going to be a place where authenticity is valued.

    I’m rambling too, so I’ll stop.

  2. a missional church as you put it is exactly what i feel people would connect with as well. The attractional church just serves as instant gratification for many. good stuff

  3. I spent an hour today discussing my faith with a man who claims to be agnostic. He listened to me because he knows that I truly care about him. I have worked with him for the last six months…..not preaching, not inviting him daily to the next event, but just loving….sharing my lunch (he’s a big guy who loves food!), listening, bringing him his favorite bottle of wine for Christmas, and just being his friend.
    Today the name of Christ came up…briefly. Still I didn’t invite him to church, because that will surely open the wound that he’s not ready to expose. A wound that I didn’t create, but I can help to mend. I am called to re-introduce him to Christianity. It is through love and the guidance of the Holy Spirit that I minister to his big “church induced” pain. It is my honored privilege to be Christ to him…to be the church, in the purest way, during the quiet minutes of a typically busy office.

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