death and all his friends

today a man that i have long admired and often taken for granted passed into eternity. why? i understand that it is appointed once a man to die but its a concept that will never make sense. chris piars was one of the most sincere men i have ever met. if it was not for my own grandpa i would even say he was the biggest servant of men i had ever known. i remember week after week he would begin to pick up the trash left by the youth after the morning service. it was not until his back problems became severe that i offered to help. i can not remember seeing the man without him asking me how i was doing while calling me handsome. he paid my fiancee a compliment every time he saw us together. he always told me she was too beautiful for me and i should never let her go. he always smiled and now i no longer get to enjoy the little conversations we had throughout our week. i apologize for the dark cloud that hovers over this post but my heart is heavy. i do not understand death. it makes no sense. i heard recently that it takes death to teach us how much we really cared about the person. why? why do we let people be taken away from us before we want to demonstrate how much they mean or how much we think of them? this entire day has been heavy. i pray that there is a burden on all who read this including myself to not wait till it is too late to show someone how much they mean. christ has called us to more than that.


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