christmas past, christmas present, and christmas to be. part 1

today is the day that I longed for until I was around the age of 22. see 22 is a very cool age to be. im old enough to vote. still able to pull off living with the parentals. growing independent. and according to the laws o this great land drink smoke and drive. of which I only participate in one activity and my mom is tired of driving me around so I should make it two soon. oh, I only joke I drive. back to my original thought… its christmas. sure I no longer cling to the hope that santa clause will deliver me the best toys and yes im finally able to sleep on christmas eve but christmas floods my mind with memories and excitement.
christmas past: every person is able to look back at one christmas and smile. they find their best memory of christmas and hold onto it like a childs blanket. my favorite memory of christmas past is one of a trampoline. see I was in 4th grade and struggling with whether or not santa really existed. my parentals understood this innr struggle of mine and told me that if I believed in santa then he was real. well when christmas morning arrived I opened all my presents and was convinced santa was a fraud. then my dad pointed out a red bow on the back door. he said that meant santa had left a gift outside. and left a gift is exactly what he had done. I opened the door and found a trampoline. fully assembled. shiny. all for my brother and myself. at that point santa became more real to me than ever before. there was no way the assembling of a trampoline could take place over night by a mere human. this was the work of the miraculous. santa clause. sure I would find the trampoline box in our shed 6 months later but I will never forget the christmas I found true faith in santa.


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