1 john 2: 7-11

a small passage today. but full of content. todays passage talked about fellowship and love. it states that no person can be in the light and not love his brother. the passage says that he who loves his brother and sister dwells in the light of God. 

this passage answered many questions for me concerning the previous passages. love is the key to continuing in the light of God. if we love like Christ has loved then we are walking in the light. if we do not love others like Christ commands then we walk in darkness because even though many believe the opposite of love is hate it is actually selfishness. The reason i say that is after reading 1 Cor. 13 all the qualities of love are the absence of self. If we eliminate self then we become more like Christ than ever. So the idea of walking in light does not require perfection. its not about fulfilling the laws. its about loving others. Jesus summed up all of the commandments with Love God and love thy neighbor. all of the commandments about not lying, stealing, coveting, etc. are wrapped up in loving God and loving others. its rather eye opening because how are we when it comes to showing true love to others? do we hold grudges? i do. do we forgive and forget? i do not. do we genuinely care about how a persons day is going when we ask how are you doing? i normally do not. how are we to show Christ love to a world that is so full of pain?


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