mark 16: 1-8

my time in the word this morning covered the resurrection of Christ. Mary  Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome had gone to rub ointments on the body of Christ. When they arrived at the tomb it was empty of Jesus’ body and instead an angel appeared. The angel told them how Jesus had risen like he said he would and was to meet his disciples in Galilee. The Word says that the ladies walked away stunned unable to say anything to anyone.

The resurrection of Christ is often times lost in the story of Jesus’ crucifixion. And one can not be blamed for doing so, seeing as how grgreusome the crucifixion is. However, without the resurrection Christ would have been another man. Conquered by death. I understand that there are many theories that differ from the account given in the Word but i will not chase those tangents. in fact, i would rather talk about the very end of the passage in verse 8. it says that the women walked away stunned. (now understanding that these reflections are my personal reflections and therefore in no way wrong i state the following) when is the last time that i walked away from an encounter with the works of Christ stunned? unable o tell anyone? i am not too sure that i can answer that question honestly. i feel like too many times in my own walk i take credit for things that Christ has done or i limit Christ and what i expect of Him. that last fragment is probably the summary of my life. i often times limit Christ and  place Him in some sort of contraption that allows me to choose when to let Him out and then put Him back in when i feel like i do not need Him. but i digress… the content of this passage is very familiar and even to the point that i can read over it and not show any emotion over the actual occurrence of Christ’s resurrection. my prayer for today is that today i do not limit God. i pray that i encounter God today and remain stunned by his grace. i pray that we as believers no longer limit God. like the poet wrote 

behold and see the empty tomb

what victory in its vacancy

what triumph in its holiness

and sure receipt of victory!

current book: peppermint filled pinatas – eric micheal bryant


2 thoughts on “mark 16: 1-8

  1. I have “peppermint filled pinatas” on my bookshelf, havent read it yet… well Ive read the first chapter or two. I hear its a good book, is it?

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