hello my friends hello…

i honestly have no clue as to why i chose a childrens book as the title for my first writing but that is often how my mind works. actions take place from thoughts that never trully progress which means they never  show any intelligence. my name is ryan frontz i am currently an intern at a local church in jacksonville florida and also finishing up my four year degree. i honestly have no plans of disecting the inner sectors of my mind today but rather lay out some basic information about myself and where i am coming from. i over think. in fact i dare say that i always over analyze every situation that i encounter. i make the simplest of decisions and  turn them into quadratic formulas. i enjoy this though. this mind set of mine allows me to decide things based upon what i feel is the right decision. allows me to think through the superficial extremities that so often tie our world down. allows me to fool people into believing that i possess some type of true intelligence. this is who i am.  i am a believer in Christ and have given my life to follow him. i often times   this as well. i find no resting place in my search to understand Christ. sure my actions can demonstrate complacency yet my soul does not rest. i long for connection. that i why i plan to write… for connection. with others and to share my connection with Christ.


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